Kalahari Red and Kalahari Black goats

Kalahari Red and Kalahari black goats originated in the Kalahari Desert Region of Namibia. Bred in harsh semi desert areas,
they have been, over the years, subject to a natural selection process ensuring only the fittest and strongest have survived.
They are admirably suited to Australia’s dry regions but also thrive on theĀ better pastures of the higher rainfall areas.

Their colour red or black acts as a great camouflage against predators. The Does have exceptional mothering instincts,
with excellent milking ability and produce multiple births. The kids are strong and active at birth weighing 3 1/2 kgs
average, they have great growth rates and are highly resistant to disease and parasites. They produce lean meat of excellent
taste and texture.

The Kalahari Doe can conceive all the year round so can produce kids 3 times every 2 years, the average weight of a mature Buck is 115 kgs
while Does can reach 75 kgs.


Paul and Jenny Bayard run a small quality herd of registered stud kalahari meat goats on pasture land near the Dandenong
ranges foothills.

Goats are selected for type, temperament, mothering capabilities, quick growth rates, disease and parasite resistance and are registered with the Boer Goat Breeders Association.